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all: banner-sans-dates banner banner-yt wallpaper banner-twitter
banner-sans-dates: banner-sans-dates.svg
inkscape banner-sans-dates.svg -C -e ../renders/banner-sans-dates.png
banner: banner.svg
inkscape banner.svg -C -e ../renders/banner.png
banner-yt: banner-yt.svg
inkscape banner-yt.svg -C -e ../renders/banner-yt.png
wallpaper: wallpaper.svg
inkscape wallpaper.svg -C -e ../renders/wallpaper.png
banner-twitter: banner-twitter.svg
inkscape banner-twitter.svg -C -e ../renders/banner-twitter.png
sticker-anniversaire: sticker-anniversaire.svg
inkscape sticker-anniversaire.svg -C -w 380 -h 380 -e ../renders/sticker-anniversaire.png