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* Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.6 (
* Copyright 2011-2017 The Bootstrap Authors
* Copyright 2011-2017 Twitter, Inc.
* Licensed under MIT (
// Core variables and mixins
@import "bootstrap/variables";
@import "bootstrap/mixins";
@import "bootstrap/custom";
// Reset and dependencies
@import "bootstrap/normalize";
@import "bootstrap/print";
// Core CSS
@import "bootstrap/reboot";
@import "bootstrap/type";
@import "bootstrap/images";
@import "bootstrap/code";
@import "bootstrap/grid";
@import "bootstrap/tables";
@import "bootstrap/forms";
@import "bootstrap/buttons";
// Components
@import "bootstrap/transitions";
@import "bootstrap/dropdown";
@import "bootstrap/button-group";
@import "bootstrap/input-group";
@import "bootstrap/custom-forms";
@import "bootstrap/nav";
@import "bootstrap/navbar";
@import "bootstrap/card";
@import "bootstrap/breadcrumb";
@import "bootstrap/pagination";
@import "bootstrap/badge";
@import "bootstrap/jumbotron";
@import "bootstrap/alert";
@import "bootstrap/progress";
@import "bootstrap/media";
@import "bootstrap/list-group";
@import "bootstrap/responsive-embed";
@import "bootstrap/close";
// Components w/ JavaScript
@import "bootstrap/modal";
@import "bootstrap/tooltip";
@import "bootstrap/popover";
@import "bootstrap/carousel";
// Utility classes
@import "bootstrap/utilities";